PM proud of SI Mandarin speakers and students


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare expressed how overwhelmed he was to know that more than a hundred Solomon Islands students are studying in tertiary institutions in Taiwan as they will be the country’s frontline men and women as Mandarin challenges English as a language of international business.

Sogavare made the statement during The Republic Of China (ROC) Taiwan’s double ten celebrations on Tuesday this week on their 106th national day celebration at the Mendana Hotel.

“I was overwhelmed by the more than 100 of our students studying in tertiary institutions in Taiwan who will form part of your alumni team, when they return home.

“They will become our front men and women as Mandarin challenges English as a language of international business.

“I am also impressed by the good number of Taiwanese who had tasked themselves to learn and master the pidjin language,” the Prime Minister said.

Between both the Solomon Islands and ROC Taiwan, there are on-going programmes, which are government-to-government, institution to institution and people to people.

Sogavare then added that he looks forward to both countries fully realising more business to business connections and to fully make use of the recent MOU signed between Solomon Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) and Kaohsiung Seaport authorities and similar arrangements between stakeholders of our Aviation industries and in the area of meteorology.

“Our relationship is one that covers all areas of connection that matter to our two countries. Yet, through more connections, we can ensure our institutions and peoples become more intertwined.

“And then, we can be certain it is hard to let go of each other.

“Our democratic values are convergent rather than divergent, which is a good starting point,” PM Sogavare said.

He then told those present for the celebrations that our relationship with Taiwan is treated with the highest esteem.

“That is why it’s called ‘special’.

“That label germinated from our own experiences in both good and bad times,” Sogavare added.

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