PM joins Kukum SDA Church for Sabbath

PM addressing the congregation
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PM addressing the congregation

PRIME Minister Rick Hou and Madam Rachel Hou on Saturday joined the congregation at the Kukum SDA Church for Sabbath.

Church Pastor George Fafale thanked and welcomed the Prime Minister and his delegation for their humbleness and humility.

Mr Fafale said the visit by the Prime Minister is important as a man of God who has always acknowledged and recognised the Church as important players in the development of the country.

Pastor Fafale shared a powerful message on love and faith challenging Christians to be the light and salt in their daily lives.

Mr Fafale also challenged Christians to hold on to their faith and keep on believing in the Lord.

“How much do you love Jesus? Do you really love Jesus?” Pastor Fafale challenged the congregation during the Sabbath service on Saturday.

Pastor Fafale sharing the word of God

Mr Fafale also spoke on the famous scripture in the Bible, John 3:16 to emphasise the love that God has for mankind in sending his son to die for our sins.

Prime Minister Hou was also given an opportunity to address the congregation.

The Prime Minister expressed his gratitude and humbleness to spend time with the congregation at the Kukum SDA.

The Prime Minister also thanked the Pastor for the powerful message.

“The message is a challenge for us all Christians whether we are shining the light in our daily lives and doing well to others. Personally, for me, it also brings up the challenging question of ‘am I serving my people satisfactorily?” the Prime Minister said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also acknowledged and recognised the important role the Church has played in the country.

“Thank you for your prayers and I encourage all of us to continue to pray for our people, our country and the Government. Prayer is a powerful weapon and that is what is uniting our people and country,” he said.

The Prime Minister also briefly shared with the people his Government’s plans.

Kukum SDA Church is the fourth church the Prime Minister has visited.

Previously, he also visited Bible Way Church, Adelua Church, and Kukum SSEC.

The Prime Minister’s monthly scheduled to fellowship with different Churches in the country will continue throughout this year.

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