PM Hou to have a taste of the noni magic

By Alfred Sasako

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela is to be given a full briefing on Noni farming later this week by none other than North West Guadalcanal Constituency MP Hon Bodo Dettke.

A spokesman said the meeting with the Prime Minister would take place at the Sir Paul Tovua Complex at Vavaya Ridge tomorrow (Wednesday).

It is understood Hon Dettke would brief the Prime Minister, focussing on the positive outcome from Noni Farming, particularly in addressing unemployment amongst women and young people.

Hon Dettke is expected to raise the issue of duty exemptions with the Prime Minister, given that the project is designed to provide employment to people who would otherwise be without a job.

Hon Dettke has always maintained that Noni farming is the answer to providing work or employment for those in the rural areas.

Noni farming has taken the North West Guadalcanal Constituency by storm since Hon Dettke, a businessman turned politician, introduced it about two years ago. He has never looked back.

This week Noni farming took another leap – this time by introducing an Out-Grower Scheme targeting some 300 farmers who are being given free land to grow or farm Noni.

Some 140 plots were signed off on Sunday to take part in the five-year scheme. An estimated 700 farmers would soon move into the land which shared a common boundary with Gilbert Camp in East Honiara.

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