PM Hou supports Japan’s candidate for WHO director


PRIME Minster Rick Houenipwela has strongly supported Japan’s candidate for the World Health Organisation regional director post.

This was highlighted during his bilateral meeting with Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Iwaki, Fukusima in Japan over the weekend.

“I like to again reassure you to know Solomon Islands strongly support Japan’s candidates for World Health Organisation (WHO) religion director position, the international candidate,” he said.

“Apart from that we also strongly support Japanese bid for the expo 2025.”

Further discussions have been made including to confirm cooperation on following up PALM8, to further strengthened partnership between Japan and the Solomon Islands including cooperation for realising “Free and open Indo –Pacific Strategy”, requested cooperation relating to stable operations by Japanese fishing vessels and the project to recover the remains of Japanese soldiers and confirmed cooperation on the regional situation and in the international arena including North Korea.

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