PM Hou congratulates Taiwan on 107th National Day


PRIME Minister Rick Hou has congratulated the Government and people of the Republic of China/Taiwan on the celebrations of their 107th National Day.

In his talk last night, PM Hou says this year also marks the 35th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between ROC/Taiwan and the Solomon Islands, which is a significant milestone that deserves the joint retrospection and celebration.

He said on this occasion, Solomon Islands is a proud partner in ROC/Taiwan’s quest to make more meaningful contributions to the international community.

“We are bound by our shared moral values and commitment to the principles of democracy, human rights, security and freedom. Solomon Islands will continue to advocate and support for ROC/Taiwan to expand its international space and contribute to the world community by speaking out for Taiwan’s interests on the international stage. Over the past years Solomon Islands has continued to support Taiwan’s participation in the United Nations and its affiliated specialized agencies, such as the World Health Organisation, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and International Civil Aviation Organisation”, PM Hou said.

He said he is very optimistic about the positive direction, which Solomon Islands – ROC/Taiwan bilateral relations is heading as this is shown in the increasing number of high–level visits made by government representatives of both the Solomon Islands and ROC/Taiwan in each other’s respective capitals.

“In May of this year I made a state visit to ROC/Taiwan, during which time I had very fruitful and in-depth discussions with my counterpart Madam President Wen on various bilateral engagements. These visits made between both our countries representatives is a reflection of the value placed on our relationship”.

Solomon Islands has had diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan) since 1983 and both maintain resident diplomatic missions in their respective capitals.

At the recent UN General Assembly, Hou took the chance to reaffirm Solomon Islands support for Taiwan.

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