PM Hou calls for upgrade to TVET status

PM Rick Hou call to up-lift TVET in Solomon Islands as country begins its journey at 40
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PM Rick Hou call to up-lift TVET in Solomon Islands as country begins its journey at 40

PRIME Minister of Solomon Islands calls for the lifting of the status of technical and vocational training (TVET) in the Solomon Islands to formal education system.

PM Rick Houenipwela said there is a need to lift TVET’s status in Solomon Islands to become similar with the formal education system.

He adds, TVET also hold sets of ready skills and plays crucial role towards development of Solomon Islands but still regarded as low educational sectors.

“The majority of the ‘skills set’ needed by most of our students to contribute effectively to our country’s social and economic development are provided through our TVET institutions.

“Yet they are still regarded as second-rate programs or institutions and bulk of government financing to education is directed at the formal education system, and overseas scholarships.”

He urged responsible leaders in the country saying this needs to change.

PM said skills education through TVET institutions will be a key to the country’s economic engine.

“We will work to ensure Skills training and TVET institutions are accorded equal status as formal education in a new 2-tier education system that provides choices to our children after year 6 primary schools,” he said.

Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development in its 2018 budget have set aside $2,861,200 as support grant to strengthen TVET’s management roles.

MEHRD also set its goals for 2018 in-line with the National Education Action Plan (NEAP) with to provide equitable access to education for all people in the Solomon Islands.

Ministry also set strategies to improve quality education in Solomon Islands and ensure positive management and monitor resources efficiently and cost-effectively.