PM holds discussions on improving SWP

PRIME Minister Rick Houenipwela has expressed his deep interest to include Solomon Islands in the semi-skilled labour on a 3-year visa.

This was stated when holding discussions with Management of Nutrano Abbotsleigh Farm and GraceKate Farms during his first two days of his State Visit to Australia.

He also took the opportunity to meet and talk to Solomon Islanders who are working under the Seasonal Workers Programme.

Speaking to the management of the two companies, the Prime Minister expressed his gratitude towards the companies for their business and commitment in bringing Solomon Islands workers to work in Australia and expressed that the Solomon Islands is committed to the SWP and further acknowledge Australia’s Government’s support for the programme.

Houenipwela also stated that the Government is keen to facilitate more workers to enter the Australian labour market, and would to like to open the Scheme to include semi-skilled and skilled workers.

Speaking to the workers, the Prime Minister acknowledged the experience the workers have gained while in Australia and commended them for their positive attitude towards their work.

He further thanked the workers for flying their country’s national flag with their great work ethics resulting in good commendations from their employers.

“This builds trust and confidence in our people and open more doors for more workers to join the programme,” he said.

Houenipwela further advised the workers to be of good standing, refrain from alcohol, and ensure the spirit of family is maintained and respect for each other is preserved.

The Prime Minister also took time to hear the workers about their views on areas the Government can do in enhancing the seasonal workers programme.


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