PlasticWise Gizo makes scary discovery


Solid waste Audit carried out by PlasticWise Gizo at Naru Island outside Gizo found that single used plastics have polluted the island.

A total of 130 different types of solid wastes weighted 40,000 grams were collected within an area of 100 meters by 20 meters.

The team briefed with the survey guideline before the clean up

Solid wastes were collected, distributed to different categories based on Intelligence Liter Challenge Category guide then entered into specific scientific materials content of the wastes.

“Out of the collection we did today, the highest item recorded was single used plastics, second on the list is foam, different types of foams from eskies, floaters, cup noodles and disposal cups followed by aluminum canes and tins,” President of PlasticWise Gizo, Rendy Solomon said.

She said solid wastes collected during the survey includes plastic bottles, foams, glass bottles, peak bottles, single use plastic bags, tooth brass, pens, straws, toys, aluminum canes and tins.

Team collecting waste samples

Rendy said PlasticWise Gizo have underwent special training to carry out the survey and audit the waste samples.

“I believe the survey and data we came up today will give us a better understanding on the average rate of solid wastes passing through our islands.

“This survey will help us upscale environment awareness and capacity building on waste Management within Western Province,” she said.

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