Plastic bags pollution high in Honiara



PLASTIC bags is the highest contributor of plastic pollution in Honiara, it is reported.

A Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDMM) report says plastic bags is recorded as the highest among 20 types of rubbish collected per day.

From the litter boom demonstration survey at the Mataniko River MECDMM carried in 2015, plastic bags account to 170, followed by film like plastics 163, plastic bottles 65, ice block 8 and soft plastic 7 – per day.

According to the J-PRISM project report collaborated with the Honiara City Council, Honiara City is estimated to generate solid waste of 80 tonnes per day with total amount of 29,000 tonnes per year.

Organic waste is estimate to 40-50 percent, and if urban population increases at its current rate, solid waste generation is expected to double within 18 years, the report said.

In the pacific, around 1.8 trillion bits of plastic waste have accumulated along a single stretch of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California, a new report shows.

The report found amount of plastic buildup across the pacific ocean in terms of debris could be as much as 16 times higher than previously findings.

Trawling the seas for floating plastic waste, the research team retrieved bottle caps, discarded fishing nets, toys and degrading containers.

The 80,000 tonnes of litter estimated to have gathered in the patch translates to 250 discarded pieces per person around the world.

With the high polluted plastic debris in Solomon Islands, Permanent Secretary for the MECDMM Dr Melchior Mataki said cabinet has endorsed a new waste management and pollution control strategy.

He said the strategy includes policy direction to address plastic pollution.

Mataki also adds his Ministry together with SPREP through the SPC Ridge to Reef project will strengthen focus on the Mataniko catchment and Honiara coastline which described as hub of plastic debris.

To manage littering in Honiara city, HCC’s Chief Inspector Mr George Titiulu said they will re-enforce the Honiara City Council 2009 litter ordinance.

He said the ordinance has been there, and if officers find individuals, residence and shops within Honiara City littering, they will be fine with $1000 on minor littering and $10,000 for major littering.

Titiulu said this actions a part of rubbish management in the city which includes plastic pollution and other solid wastes.

Titiulu said rubbish management in Honiara is everyone’s business and HCC welcomes any initiative from communities.

He commended the Friends of the City for taking a step which shows they have concern over Honiara.

This year, the World Environment Day is celebrated under the theme: “Beating Plastic Pollution”.

Solomon Islands is part of the global campaign to educate people about managing plastic pollution.

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