Plastic agent claims ‘payment after weighing’

A local who claimed to be working as agent for a plastic buyer has insisted that they will buy plastic after they completed weighing and data recording of plastic bottles brought to them.

Joseph Douglas said currently they are taking weights of plastic.

Douglas said as soon as they completed weighing and recording, they will proceed to do payment.

The agent is probably the first to openly talk about this operation but he did not provide further details when pursued.

Douglas also mention that they are also doing grading which some think plastic buying do not require grading.

A local who also has an interest in this business is Dr. Reginald Aipia.

Aipia said he is making contact with an interested plastic buyer from South Korea.

He said the buyer who wanted to buy plastic wanted plastic to be in crushed, pelleted or grinded form which means there is no grading.

Aipia said plastic scraps did not need to be graded as they are only required to be crushed, pelleted or grinded.

“Plastic can be paid in kilo or tonnes,” Aipia said.

Despite repeated question for evidence to prove that buyers or agents are actually giving out cash to locals who provided plastics, the agent failed to provide.

The agent however insisted buying of plastic will come after weighing is completed.

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