Gov’t urged to work on re-settlement program

The government has been urged to start planning and working on re-settlement programs in preparation for the threats climate change will brings.

A concern man, George Kosui, send a message to Island Sun to personally express his concern over the issue of climate change.

Kosui said during His Royal Highness address in parliament, he spoke about Climate Change and its effects on locals.

He said he has witnessed firsthand the impacts of climate change.

Kosui said he was born and raised on the tiny island of Ngoliana in the Lau Lagoon in Malaita Province.

He said during his upbringing, they saw the direct impact of Climate Change.

Kosui said this is a major issue that needs to be address to protect their artificial islands from submerging.

“The island I came from is still there today but the challenge to protect it from rising sea levels remains a question,” Kosui said.

“I only hope the rising sea levels will not destroy the place I was born, bred and grown as a man,” he said.

He said the government should focus more on planning and to work on re-settlement programs for people living on atolls that will become victims of climate change.

He applauded the Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology (MECDMM) for its work despite little funding provided by the government.

“It is time the government see climate change as a very important issue that should not be ignored,”

“The Ministry needs to pursue planning and implementation of resettlement programs,”

“This should be supported by a comprehensive plan that is highly prioritized by government with serious budgetary support and commitment,” Kosui said.

He said the government must actively seek financial assistance from donors, access assistance from funding sources such as the Climate Change Fund, LDC Fund and Global Environment Fund to assist in the implementation of resettlement and mitigation programs.

Currently, this country has no national re-settlement plan.

The MEDCCMM’s Permanent Secretary, Dr. Melchior Mataki, confirmed this is something his Ministry and the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey (MLHS) will work on as part of the current government’s policy priorities.

Director of Climate Change, Hudson Kauhiona, said they will sit with the MLHS to see how best to tackle this issue next year.

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