Plans to include governance in our education system

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The Political Parties Commission is planning to work closely with the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development to include local governance structures and politics in the secondary education system.

Political Parties Commission Registrar Jasper Highwood Anisi said students need to understand the party and voting system in the country.

“Our social science subjects need to change, so we are looking at asking the Ministry of education to change some of these topics that our senior secondary schools are studying,” he said.

“Once we have this in our secondary education system, then we will see a lot of change in our politics,” he added.

He said the country has 43 years of history that needs to be taught to the next generation, and this is high time that it should move on to that level.

“We can teach them about politics and even history of political parties in our country.

“Our students need to understand the party system and voting system, so that they understand why they vote and how they should use their vote,” Anisi adds.

He said one of the things they should learn is why they should vote and why it is important they should vote for political parties.

Anisi was speaking to Island Sun in a recent interview at his office last week.