Plan to further music education and instrument teaching

DEAR EDITOR, for the past couple of months your readers will have become familiar with the several letters I have written trying to formulate an idea for the creation of a local National Youth Orchestra to absorb the skills and musical talents of teenagers, boys and girls, and also to try and obtain help for the young children learning music and the playing of instruments under the guidance of the voluntary association called (PASI) short for Piano Association of Solomon Islands.

I mentioned that a group of talented musicians in the UK styled ‘The Dionysus Ensemble’ is keen to come to the Solomons to help PASI with instrument teaching and to perform alongside them in showcasing concerts.

The group has also offered to work with local teachers and parents to share their teaching experience and help the children, and budding musicians, with a wider range of techniques so there would be longevity for PASI and its members.

The Dionysus Ensemble Is currently working on a fund raising plan to put together enough to be able to make the journey to the Solomon Islands.

Meantime, I thought I might share some additional background information on the Dionysus Ensemble.

The group has recently been appointed the first ever Ensemble in Residence for The Commonwealth Resounds, one of only two accredited music organisations within the Commonwealth.

The group is a virtuosic chamber ensemble with a string quartet at its core, equally at home on the concert platform, playing for events in both formal and informal settings, as well as providing music education projects. They provide a range of musical performances from solo cello right through to chamber orchestra, and the team has a wealth of expertise and international musical reputations.

Since 2013 in the UK, they have run interactive children’s concerts in under deprived areas on a not for profit basis and last week they had over 100 children enjoy their “Here come the creatures” shows about animals.

The group performed at Birkbeck University in London as part of the closing ceremony for their One World Week celebrations last month, and have already been approached by the High Commissioners of both the Seychelles and Antigua & Barbuda to provide players to go out to work with, coach and perform with their recently formed Youth Orchestras.

The group is committed and comprises highly experienced performers and educators.

See the website for further information.

Yours sincerely

Frank Short

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