Pirione urges premiers to fully contribute to PGA review


PERMANENT Secretary of the Ministry of Provincial Government Stanely Pirione has urged premiers to actively participate in the review of the Provincial Government Act.

The premiers are in Honiara, engaging in reviewing some provisions of the Provincial Government Act.

Mr Pirione highlighted the vital role that premiers play, particularly in the context of potential changes related to the dissolution of Parliament and Provincial Assemblies.

“Premiers, I believe you are interested in the dissolution of the Parliament and the Provincial Assemblies,” Pirione said.

He also highlighted the past challenges experienced in Choiseul and Western Province, where there was no government for a period of six months.

“We do not want to experience what we went through with Choiseul and Western Province. We want our people to be governed until the eve of elections,” he said.

He said there are some arguments that will be put forward to the Bills and Legislation Committee a desire for continuous governance until the point of elections to prevent a recurrence of the past issues.

The aim is to ensure that citizens are not left without effective governance, mitigating the risks of neglect and instability.

Therefore, Pirione called on Premiers to make use of the opportunity and contribute fully to the review of the Provincial Government Act.


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