The photo here is the container being loaded in NZ for the local (SI) NGOs.
TMH is sending a 20 ft container of items of furniture, mobility aids, eye glasses, sewing machines and clothing, including shoes, for several of our deserving NGO’s – including the HOH, the SIDT, the Association of Person’s with Disabilities.
The container is scheduled to arrive in Honiara in February or early March this year.
The container was fully paid for in advance quite some time ago by the SFA.
Once the container has been landed there will be SIPA fees to be paid and it is my plea that some kind offer of help will be forthcoming by the time the container is off loaded to ensure it is quickly removed from the SIPA wharf and the contents distributed speedily to the nominated recipients.
TMH is still to finalise the inventory for the container as attempts are being made in NZ to try and load one or more beds for local Women’s Refuge Centres accommodating women and girls sheltering after suffering from domestic violence at home.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short

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