OPMC denied receiving any petition


A group claimed to be representing Honiara Malaitans have submitted a 14 days’ petition notice for Prime Minister to respond to their demand.

The group in an undated letter requested the Prime Minister to:

  1. Reconsider withdrawing the World Bank project from Malaita province.
  2.  Address the national economy cash flow issue by improving revenue collection and using public funds in a transparent manner.
  3. Ensure there are equal economic development opportunities for Solomon Islanders residing in Honiara
  4. Address the issue of high influx of Asians and Chinese cheap labourers by ensuring that first priority for jobs must be given to Solomon Islanders.
  5. Continue with your development commitment and mandate to support Malaita Province, as well as other Provinces in Solomon Islands.
  6. Honour and respect the Auki Communique and the Restorative Economy Vision Policy of Malaita Provincial Government.

According to information relayed to YTTF the group said the PMO met on Friday evening concerning the petition but is yet to issue any statement about their petition.

They claimed the petition was submitted before 4pm yesterday (Friday) bearing signatures of 12,200 Honiara Malaitans.

When asked by YTTF if their intention was what has been reported in the media recently, the group replied: “There was no meeting to topple the Government”.

“Seriously there is no meeting to topple the Prime Minister. It’s all propaganda that have been published in the Solomon Star. The only meeting being organized is for the petition. Nothing more, nothing less”.

“PMO is being carried away and a bit confused on information that being fed with them by its advisors.

“And somehow they have overreacted including Police, so they start hauling people to look for information and identify who is behind the petition”, the group added.

The group further stated that the events unfolding before our eyes needs tough actions by the people, adding as citizens it is their constitutional right. 

“We waited too long. No one seem trying to take the first steps, so we just try because we are concern about our people and our country”, the group stated.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet denied claims that the Prime Minister has received a petition submitted by a group known as Honiara Malaitans.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet confirms to Island Sun the Prime Minister did not receive or sight any letter petitioning DCGA to support the wishes and interest of the people of Malaita as claimed by the group.

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