China Construction Company says work in progress

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China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) has come out to explain the progress of their projects in Solomon Islands.

This after an industry insider who chose to remain anonymous claimed the Solomon Islands’ Government has continued to engage CCECC to develop infrastructures for the upcoming 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara, even though most of its work failed scheduled timelines and quality.

The insider claimed CCECC’s work on the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports High Performance Centre at Ranadi is far behind the scheduled timeframe.

He said another project that is far behind the scheduled timeframe is the Solomon Islands National University Complex, now experiencing leakage and other defects.

The insider pointed to even more incomplete projects including Munda International Airport terminal in Western Province, Savo-Market to Doma road in West Honiara, Monga Bridge in Aola, East Guadalcanal and the proposed PG2023 stadium.

However, project manager Qi Longbao said CCECC plans to hand over the SINIS to National Hosting Authority in August.

Longbao said CCECC has completed flooring, installed solar, ablution blocks and external toilets.

He said work has already started on upgrading the fence of the site.

Longbao said the original plan was to build a building, however NHA wants a Multipurpose Hall that will become the best in the Pacific.

He said CCECC has sub contracted the upgrading of a soccer field and beach soccer and running track to a local contractor.

Longbao said once the building accessed permanent water and power supply, then CCECC will hand over the building to NHA.

Further to that, Longbao said work on the national stadium commenced in

 May this year where CCECC has laid the foundation already.

He said CCECC expects to complete the national stadium in June 2023 before the Pacific Games from 19 November to 2 December 2023.

In terms of the upgrading of the road from Savo market to Doma in West part of Honiara, Project Manager, Liu Paodong said work on road patching has halted to allow engineers from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development to sort out the Bill of Quantity.

Paodong said the National Transport Fund has rejected their budget of $9.2 million because of the bad condition of the road.

He said engineers of MID has assessed the situation and produced a report to NTF to give approval to it.

He said MID engineers requested another $2 million to complete the project.

However, Paodong said work is ongoing on vegetation trimming, round cleaning and other work.

Further to that, he said work on the new Monga bridge is still to start because SMEC is still to complete the final design.

Paodong said CCECC machines and materials are already at the campsite, ready to work.

Moreover, Alice Wan said for the Munda airport, a Netherland company and Kramer are doing the concept plan within duration of six months.

She said Ministry of Communication and Aviation has already approved the first concept design and currently moving to second design.

Wan said once the final design is submitted to MCA and approves, then work will start on the project.

Further to that, Wan said about 90 percent of work has been completed in the Solomon Islands National University building at Panatina.

She said students are currently using the building now.

However, Wan said the project was delayed for two months because of no payments.

She said the impact of covid-19 last year has also affected the progress of the project.

Wan said CCECC is a responsible company that applies its social responsibility in the society as well by donating to communities, making awareness on covid-19, repairing bridges that were affected by Cyclone Harold and refilling pot holes.

She said the company also donated gifts to Central Police station.

As such, CCECC believes it is upholding its social responsibility and aims to improve the lives of people in this country.