People with disability lack support


The Solomon Islands government has not done much for disabled people even though they are equal partners in development.

This was revealed by a number of persons living with special need in an inclusive three-day workshop which ended on Friday last week.

This was organised and funded by Oxfam in partnership with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation International Development (ABCID).

A spokesman, who requested anonymity, says there are a lot of persons like him with disability in Honiara who are without support.

He said many are walking around aimlessly and begging in the streets.

“I feel for those people with disabilities sitting along the street begging for money from the general public as beggars.

“Some of them are now regulars and the money they collect is used for their daily needs.

“These unfortunate people are neglected by their own families and friends who do not provide them food, clothing and shelter,” he said.

He said that if the government has no proper avenue to address their needs, then they should be repatriated to their respective places of origin.

“I would like to thank Red Cross, and other NGOs for recognising our need and empowering us to become equal partners in development.”

He is calling on the government, NGOs, stakeholders and the people to respect the rights of people with special needs in the country.

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