People power for health

Anything is possible if we set our mind to it.

RECENTLY, within a week, a father’s plea had been answered when he appealed for assistance from the public to send his daughter overseas for medical check.

His plea came out the same time we received news that our 10 beds arrangement with St Vincent hospital had been suspended.

St Vincent hospital 10 bed arrangement had been described as discriminatory by some on social media citing it as an arrangement for the ‘elite’ only, whilst for some, it had served its purpose in ensuring genuine citizens have access to medical treatment not offered in the country.

That aside, this is proof of what we as citizens can do if we set our mind to it.

‘People power’ though might be defined as campaign to overthrow the government or a social movement to have the voices of the people heard, this recent ‘people power’ demonstration is neither a social movement calling to government for recognition nor one intended to overthrow the government.

This demonstration shows how we as Solomon Islanders can unite in times of need. It shows that despite the much talked about high cost of living, people still practice compassion and have shown what true charity is.

Such an act should be highly commended by our leaders.

True a CT scanner might be costly and run into millions of dollars but what is more important than life itself?

We have demonstrated already that nothing is impossible.

Thus it is pleasing to see youths initiating innovative ideas to raise funds with the knowledge and skills they have.

Thumbs up to everyone who have supported one way or another.

Let us not stop there.

Let us continue to raise funds for our health sector and let us lead the way for our leaders to see how things should be done.

Because at the end of the day, while our leaders have their privileges, we the grassroots people will be left to seek medical assistance from our local health centres.

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