People of Ndai island receive relief supply



NDAI Island in Ward 12 of the Lau/Mbaelela constituency in Malaita province have received relief supplies ending months of food scarcity.

People of Ndai in North East Malaita have experienced this hazard due to bad weather affecting the island since early this year.

On Saturday, August 11, 2018, their provincial ward member Fred Wai Diau and his delegation stepped in and delivered food supplies to the disadvantaged people of the island.

Chief Otoi Dadalo of Ndai Island commends the supply as a big relief to his people.

“These supplies will relieve us for the next few months but if this bad weather situation continues we will still experience the same situation.

“But we thank our ward member for this assistance for seeing our need where we are in the time of disaster.

“The arrival of the food supplies is very timely and it is really a blessing from God for my people and my community.”

Chief Otoi Dadalo receives the food supply from Hon. Fred Wai

Dadalo added, this is the first ever form of assistance to reach Ndai Island in the past four months.

“Our call on more of this kind of assistance to come to our shores as this problem has been part of life on this island but now is has taken a new height of intensity.”

Dadalo also calls on the national disaster office to organise an assessment team to assess their communities especially their gardens.

According to the villagers of Ndai Island, the problem started to become an issue in May this year and continued to exceed community tolerance at an alarming rate up to the present time.

Food crops on the island have stopped yielding and started dying.

People of Ndai island unloading the food supply

A brief report of findings will be submitted to the NDMO Malaita Office by the MPA Diau and his team in anticipation of any worthwhile intervention.

He calls on other agencies to assist the people of the island especially during this time of hardship.

“Assistance that would raise the level of resilience of the community, strengthen food crop diversity, help assess and revive the fertility of the island’s small gardening area and revitalize food security will be welcomed by the people of Ndai Island.”

Diau and the people of Ndai Island would like to heartedly thank the Office of the Premier of Malaita Province for sourcing the much needed food supplies.

Gardens at Ndai not in good form of producing quality crops.
Some of the gardens have died due to bad weather and poor soil fertility.

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