Peace and security still fragile in Solomon Islands: GG

Former Governor General and chairman of SIICAC Sir Frank Kabui
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THE Governor General says peace and security is still fragile since Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) has left on June 31 last year but as a country, Solomon Islands should not be alarmed and disappointed.

In his New Year’s Message Sir Frank Kabui said Solomon Islands can look after itself if peace and security are primary objectives in the country.

He told the nation that crafting a better future for Solomon Islands is in the hand of Solomon Islanders.

Sir Frank said there are lots of works yet to be done and the works are in the process under the Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation.

He said programme for peace building have been formulated and plans for the future have been considered for implementation.

Kabui adds that Aid donors are also showing interest to assist the country address peace issues in the communities.

“I think we now have to think hard to find way of ensuring that we have lasting peace in our country.

“We have to think of tangible ways of reducing conflicts than peace programmes as peace programmes are just expressing wish for peace.

“We have to identify flash points of conflicts, categorise the conflicts to priorities and address them.

“We seems to have been fallen back to square one, we are look warm in our attitudes, we are not addressing the core issues of conflict effectively.

“We should not rely on the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force and other law enforcement agencies to produce miracle for peace, we should not expect our oversea friends to find the solution but they can help in the implementation of our solutions,” he said.

Kabui strongly emphasised that peace is a fundamental component to a happy existence and future of Solomon Islands.