Peace and prosperity enjoyed today exists on sacrifices made during the WWII: Shigeru

Japanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands HE Toyama Shigeru paying his respects.
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Japanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands HE Toyama Shigeru paying his respects.

PEACE and propensity enjoyed today exists merely on the sacrifices made during the World War II, says Japanese Ambassador to Solomon Islands His Excellency Toyama Shigeru.

Mr Shigeru said seventy-three years have passed since the end of the WWII and nowadays more than 80 percent of the people are the generations with no experience of World War two, maybe including the participants here today.

“I believe we should all be aware that the peace and prosperity we all enjoy today exists solely on the enormous sacrifices made during the war.

“We should never forget to hand down the experiences of the sacrifices of war to the future generations, and do our utmost efforts to work in aiming for world peace, and prosperity of humankind on the basis of the lessons of the past history.

“Nothing is more valuable than peace and free and nothing is more precious than life and love,” he said.

Shigeru said lets swear the determination for making a better world of peace, unity and friendship toward the future.

Shigeru revealed this sentiment yesterday on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Guadalcanal Battle and Bloody Ridge National Park declaration and dedication ceremony which was held at the Japanese memorial, Blood Ridge.

Officials and guests.
Children and elders witnessing the occasion.
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