PCDF benefits Isabel children

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By Mike Puia

THOUSANDS of children from Isabel Province are benefiting from school projects delivered under the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF).

The PCDF is administered by the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS).

A summary of the PCDF projects that have been completed in the province shows early childhood education, primary and secondary classrooms completed and an increase number of children having access to these facilities.

Among these projects is the Buala Station Kindergarten. This kindy has been completed with 55 young children admitted to this class this year.

Before this project, children in and around Buala station stay at home or walk long distance to access kindy. Now, these children can access kindy next door.

Other Kindergarten classrooms that were completed under this PCDF programme include the one in Kia and Tataba. Over hundreds enrolled to these kindy classes.

The project also supports the extension of a primary school at Kolomola. The enrolment has increased as a result.

Another Kindy constructed and completed at Taligu, in Gao/Bogotu, also enabled children from Taligu to access kindergarten education.

The completion of a new classroom building at Jejevo community high school to accommodate forms one to three pupils. Previously these classes used the school’s primary classroom building which used to disrupt primary school classes. The school enrolment has expanded significantly.

Works on some of the schools constructed under the PCDF program are still progressing. Among these schools is the Zuto Kindergarten in Triotona at Hagrono/kia/Havaki. Zuto community is a new settlement that has seen a fast growing population. Children from this village walk to a nearby village to attend Kindergarten.

Gurena Kindy in Koviloko at Maringe/Kotota is another ongoing project that replaces the leafhut building used for kindy classes.

The PCDF program is implemented in most provinces. It has benefited different sectors of the provinces including the renovation of school staff houses, classes and dormitories, rehabilitation to office buildings, clinics and aid posts, renovation to fisheries centres, improvement to water supply and sanitations, improvement to roads, footpath, bridges and jetty etc.