Passage of key legislation will improve business: PM


In Brisbane

PASSING of key legislation this year will improve business environment in Solomon Islands says Prime Minister Rick Houenipwela.

He uttered this statement at the 10th Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum in Brisbane on Wednesday.

“The government passed several key legislations in the recent sitting of Parliament will help improve the business environment in Solomon Islands in the near future.

“Among these Bills are the Anti-Corruption Act (2018), the Whistle Blowers Act (2018), the Electoral Reform Act (2018) and the Strata Title Act (2018) to name a few.

PM Houenipwela explained that the Strata Title Act is particularly strategic because land continues to be a problem when it comes to securing investment.

“The Government has been constantly searching for innovative solutions and has based the proposed Strata Titles Act on a model used by most Australian States.

“The Strata titles Act will maximise investment potential in new developments and to provide the flexibility to sell some or all of the strata units upon completion of a new development.”

The Prime Minister said the Strata Title Act has also opened the possibility to transform the Honiara Central Business District.

“Currently the government rents office space for most of its ministries and other bodies associated with government in ‘not-so- fit-for-purpose’ rental space, in some cases, exorbitant rents are being charged.”

PM Houenipwela is confident that the strata titles will drive the transformation of the Honiara skyline and boost the local building and construction industry.

“We are intending that the Act will formally commence early next year once the appropriate training has been undertaken with government officials.”

Meanwhile PM Houenipwela was in Canberra on Thursday to meet with Australia’s new Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

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