The Solomon Islands United Party in this year’s joint election will be fielding two female candidates for parliamentary seats. 

Candidate Cathy Nori will be contesting the Maringe- Kokota constituency seat, Isabel province and Candidate, Everlyn Kahia for the East Makira constituency seat, Makira Province.  

Nori is not a newcomer as she had previously contested in the 2019 general election for the same seat however, she came in second after the former MP, Dr. Culwick Togamana.

Both women emphasised that there primary reason to contest in the upcoming election was to have more female participation in the new 12th parliament.

“We need a balance representation up in parliament” Nori said

East Makira Candidate, Evelyn Kahia added that since Solomon Islands became a country of its own, there has been very little representation of women.

“We need both men and women to lead this nation, the nation needs women in there so that transparency and accountability can be seen” she said.

Kahia acknowledged that progress had been made for women and children but there is still much needed to be done.

Addressing the voters of their respective constituencies, both women also alluded their election candidacies to bring about much needed changes.

“The search for a Mother to look after you is now” Nori said and further encouraged Maringe –Kokota voters to consider voting a woman.

Kahia also shared her reason to be contesting under the SIUP.

 “It is not a mistake for my participation in United Party, it is the prayer and the belief of my people which I represent to join the party” she said.

SIUP will be fielding twenty-six candidates in this year’s election. 

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