“Parliament right place to unseat me”: Sogavare

PRIME Minister, Manasseh Sogavare says any move to remove him can only be done on the floor of Parliament.

He made the statement at a televised conference this evening.

The Prime Minister said he has faith and respect in the democratic process of the country and would defend it with his life.

He further blasted opposing politicians for misleading people with their own agenda.

“Our unsuspecting people have continuously been misled and are victims in this sad and unfortunate situation.

“I do not blame the people who are protesting and rioting, they are citizens of our country, and unfortunately they have been used by certain politicians and individuals to further their own selfish and narrow agendas,” He added.

He said while he has contemplated giving in, the effect of such a decision is what weighs heavy in his heart.

“Are we saying to our young children and youths that whenever we are not happy with those in authority, we take the laws into our own hands? If we do this, it is a very dangerous message to our people and future generations.

“We are effectively saying to our children, take the law into your hands if whenever you are not happy.

“This must never be the message we send nor the conviction we instill in our citizens if we are to progress as a peaceful democracy.

The Prime Minister therefore said he was in contact with the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea over the matter and assistance is forthcoming.

Australian Prime Minister earlier this evening confirmed that Australia Federal Police and Defence Force will be deployed in the next 24 hours to assist.

A number of business houses east of Honiara were burned down during the course of today. Major businesses such as Bank South Pacific, Island Enterprise and others along the Ranadi Industrial area were looted and torched by angry mobs.

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