Parliament to resume after new PM is elected

Solomon Islands National Parliament
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LOBBYING for a new prime minister has already started as Speaker of Parliament Ajilon Nasiu adjourned Parliament after Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare was voted out in a no-confidence motion yesterday.

Concluding a whole day of very intense debate on the no-confidence motion yesterday, Speaker Mr Nasiu said the Parliament will resume the day after a new prime minister is chosen.

The Speaker said based on the constitution, Sogavare will continue to exercise his normal duty as PM until a new prime minister is found.

It is anticipated that candidates for the post of Prime Minister by both the Opposition and the Government will be known in the coming days.

Both are expected to inform Government House shortly after they identified their candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

According to schedule two of the constitution, anyone can be a candidate as long as they are nominated.

The Governor General will then call for Parliament to be reconvened for the purpose of electing a new Prime Minister.