Parapolo eye’s float cruise ship for Ngella islands

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MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for Ngella Constituency Hon Bartholomew Parapolo has planned a hundred room cruise ship float within Ngella’s Islands.

This is his first major plan on major tourism developments for Ngella Constituency.

Parapolo revealed his plan after being questioned by Ngella Constituents at Haleta Village (Central Ngella) during his last Constituency Tour as MP.

Parapolo was being questioned on what his plans are or if there were any of his major tourism development plans to carry out in the Constituency since he is the Minister of Culture and Tourism. This also goes with the understanding of Ngella’s rich tourism environment.

According to Parapolo, because of disputes on lands and marine sites, he cannot make promises on such development activities.

But he revealed that he is planning to bring a hundred room floating cruise ship from mainland China and station it between the Ngella Islands at different locations. This is so that tourists and guests can spend nights in them and travel ashore spending money on the mainland tourism destinations.

“This is one of the very first things I am planning to do in terms of tourism development for the Constituency.

“By this time I tell you my people to prepare in sorting your customary lands and sites being suitable for tourism as tourists will be coming into the Constituency areas.

“There will be then a time you will enjoy the benefit of the tourism industry as it is not a hazardous industry as others only being friendly and a good contributor for the economy of the country.

“We will not throw money on agreeing for our sites to be developed for tourism as visitors are the ones who will bring in money for us so let us work together and develop,” Parapolo said.

Parapolo also enlightened the Ngella people that the Taiwan Government only wants two things.

For locals to allow their sites to be registered and they will assist in building hotels, resorts and other infrastructures suitable for tourism development.