In Papua New Guinea BSP has aided 26 projects worth over K650,000

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Dear Editor
ACCORDING to a leading article on Linkedin, published on 20 October 2017, the first Bank of South Pacfic (BSP) has completed 26 projects in PNG worth of K650,000 in community aid.
Quoting from the article:
“Each year, BSP makes a commitment to giving back to the communities that we live and operate in. The contribution is simple, the work is voluntary and each time, we hope to leave lasting changes that make a difference in the lives of everyday people.
“The bank’s Community Projects in 2017 has been centred on the theme, “Empowering Women and Children”, in which 49 projects had been identified and carried out throughout PNG.
“The BSP Community project involves staff from branches, Sub branches, Business Units and Subsidiaries from across Papua New Guinea, and the region; who come together each year to deliver one project to a community. The projects are typically focused on Health, Sports, Environment, Education and Social wellbeing.
“BSP is expected to handover 23 more community projects upon completion this year.”
Yours sincerely
Frank Short

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