Paid advertisement- Follow The Law

DEAR EDITOR, I thank you for the paid advertisement in the Island Sun Paper from the Spokesperson from the Samlinsam Logging Company dated May 24, 2018.

I have documentary evidences that prove the Samlinsam logging company, the Licensees, the Commissioner of Forestry, and the Director of Environment are wrong.

The strategy the Samlinsam logging company is operating in the country has victimised the government officers into erroneous errors.

I remain in maintaining my stand that the Samlinsam logging company since operating in the company has acted criminally and pretending as he is an ingenious person of Solomon Islands.

The boss of the Samlinsam was once placed in the prison custody for an allege crime.

He is smart to get out from being charge for the offence of inciting.

If I were an investigator, it is quite clear that there is a likely crime committing and I can easily unveil the offence.

It is a crime to enter a land without consent which is criminal trespass.

I have my lands being entered into by the Samlinsam through cone people who are not in possession of legal documents of ownership.

However the attitude of the Samlinsam logging company is to use pressure and extract logs with an understanding that paying of a fine in court is just a penny of a dollar but to secure 7 to 8 million dollars per shipment is paramount.

Samlinsam logging company does not follow the law and have fake documents which Island Sun paper cannot properly detect its authenticity.

I have the same papers of the origin and I am afraid, the paper might mislead the people of this nation.

William Gua

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