Pacific Islands leaders affirm vision to PALM process

Pacific Island Leaders at the Forum
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PACIFIC Island leaders to the eighth Pacific Islands Leaders meeting in Japan have affirmed long-term efforts to shape their partnership through the PALM process, will be guided by some shered vision.

The visions include maintaining stability through rules –based order, commitment to the respect for serenity, rule of law and peaceful resolution of disputes in accordance with international law and pursuit of enduring prosperity, self-sustained and sustainable economic development underpinned by open markets and facilitation of trade and investment, strengthened connectivity and enhanced resilience of societies;

Also strengthening the flow of and exchanges between peoples: active people-to-people exchanges to enhance mutual understanding assist development and invigorate economic activities; and supporting regional cooperation and integration: advancement of robust regional institutions, with a view to greater regional cooperation and integration.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe expressed his acknowledgment to the commitment of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) members to regional cooperative and collective action as articulated in the “Frame work for Pacific Regionalism” to realise the visions of the PIF leaders for a region of peace, harmony, security , social inclusion and prosperity.

He said the Government of Japan will continue an unwavering determination of support to Forum Island countries in areas that best reflect their needs, utilising means of Japan’s strength.