PACER Plus assists Soltuna secure international market

Soltuna products
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SOLTUNA has secured markets in Australia and New Zealand, thanks to the PACER Plus Agreement.

In an interview with Island Sun Gizo earlier this week, Trade Commissioner, Barrett Salato said Soltuna is enjoying the opportunity to export under the PACER Plus Agreement.

He said Soltuna now export its products to Australian and New Zealand Markets with duty free privilege – an achievement Salato wants other local commodities to follow.

“Its good sign for Soltuna and Solomon Islands in terms of expanding the markets,” Salato said.

Last week, Chairman of Soltuna Adrian Wickham said Soltuna produces 130 metric tons of tuna per day five days a week.

He adds that National Fisheries Developments (NDF) catches 25 tons of tuna on average per year.

Wickham said the Noro International Seaport has also provide substantial support towards the tuna industry.

He said Noro International Seaport have installed a container yard with cooling system to store tuna catches ready for export.