Overcrowding affects teaching and learning environment


OVERCROWDING is seriously affecting the teaching and learning environment in schools in Honiara which has led to poor hygiene and poor living conditions.

This was uttered by Governor General Sir Rt Reverend David Vunagi when delivering his New Year message to the nation.

“Overcrowding greatly affected teaching and learning environment in the schools in Honiara, overcrowding also affected the hygiene and living condition in many homes in Honiara.

These are facts that we cannot continue accept as normal, if we are to be true to the nation, we must address the unjust living conditions that are very obvious even to mention,” said Vunagi.

He adds on the same that the whole national population data has not been released but one group he believed has often made up the biggest percentage is that of the young people,

He said this group needs to been given special consideration because when its moves it creates the biggest fall and momentum and it not controlled it could lead to undesirable consequences.

“There is unsubstantiated claim that young people have nothing to do and have nothing to offer the nation. The way forward is to empower them, they have the number, strength, skills and talents which are often untapped, the test to test their viability and character we need to give them responsibility and I am sure we will be surprised to see the unimaginable gifts and talents to do even the things many of us cannot do,” he said.

He said the census has also shown and even population distribution throughout the country that there is a dynamic population drift towards Guadalcanal making Honiara the melting pot of the country where social, cultural and racial issues are exhibited.

“We must reduce the pressure in Honiara by distributing the population evenly throughout the nine provinces, maybe we can do this in future when we have the capacity,  capability and resources to developed Lata, Kirakira, Auki, Buala, Tigoa, Gizo, Munda, Noro and Taro, the standard and level of infrastructures and services in the provincial headquarters must be compatible to Honiara.

People should come all the way to Honiara to access reliable banking and communication services, hospital, schools, sports, sport stadium, legal advice and market for Agriculture and marine products.

“If these services are accessible in the provinces, we can create job opportunities right in the places where the people are.

“It is a fallacy to say that every basic thing that people need can only be obtained in Honiara,” he said.

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