Outdoor defecation can lead to infection for other people says Parasitology professor


A professor from Taiwan’s Kaohsiung Medical University Hospital’s (KMUH) Department of Parasitology says outdoor defecation and the use of it as fertilizer in agriculture must not be practised as it can become the source of parasitic infection for other people.

Professor Jiun-Jye Wang stressed this to the paper in a recent interview.

He expressed that there are a number of “don’ts” in other words, prevention measures to take when it comes to practicing good personal hygiene while at the same avoiding parasitic infections.

Wang to avoid catching infections, you must avoid the consumption of raw or undercooked food, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water and dry hands properly before and after meal as well as after using the toilet, have on footwear when walking on soil or ground and do not defecate outdoors or use defecation for fertilizers in agriculture.

He emphasized that outdoor defecation is not a good practice or the use of it as fertilizer given its high probability of becoming the source of infection for other people.

Wang furthered that these measures are most important for children.

“If children establish the habit of good personal hygiene they will bear the concept as they grow older while at the same time help reduce the rate of infections”, he said.

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