Our SI/PNG border safe: Vaevaso

RSIPF Patrol boat Gizo. Photo by Austal.
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ASSISTANT Commissioner Crime and Intel Ian Vaevaso has revealed that since the deployment of officers at the Western Border three weeks ago the Border has been safe and no crossing has been made.

He said RSIPF has deployed enough officers to the border along with other government agencies to manage and control the Border crossing.

Mr Vaevaso said RSIPF are better resourced and they are confident in manning the border.

He also said that the two RSIPF Patrol Boats are also deployed to the border on rotational basis and currently five speed crafts are also with the officers at the Border.

Vaevaso also said that with the recent gift of a new high-powered speed craft donated by the Australian Government to the RSIPF it gives additional resources to the logistical capability of the RSIPF

He said that the speed craft received last week from the Australian Government has been shipped to Western province.

Mr Vaevaso also highlighted that RSIPF has been stepping up its readiness when the Government’s declaration of the State of Emergency and has put in place regulations which one the regulation is the declaration of the Western border with Papua New Guinea as an Emergency Zone under the current State of Public Emergency, the RSIPF as the country’s leading law enforcement agency has the task of ensuring that no small craft vessels will go out or come in through the Western Common border region with PNG.

In the RSIPF strategic direction, the Force will improve its operational capabilities to support border monitoring, surveillance and reconnaissance at its maritime borders. Such a gift as this high speed patrol vessel will be utilised in areas such as:

  • Protection of natural resources;
  • Protection-Monitoring and surveillance of SI-PNG common border;
  • Response to Natural Disasters;
  • Response to Maritime search and rescue;
  • Support  general policing; and
  • Emergency medical evacuations.

Meanwhile Attorney General John Muria Jnr also said that Solomon Islands has just declared the emergency zone at the SI/PNG border after PNG already declare emergency zone at their Border.