Our culture, our pride, our identity


 OUR Culture as a pillar of sustainable development.

The role culture plays in is vital as it ensures quality and inclusive education for future generations, building sustainable cities and communities and giving rise to economic growth through creative and cultural industries.

According to the Isabel Provincial Youth Forum, an out spoken lady Zinnia Leamana stated that she is happy to witness the young Isabel people celebrate in a very rich culture and tradition in this era where western culture is playing a big role in today’s lifestyle.

“I must admit it gives me hope. IPYF is setting a powerful platform for our Isabel youth.

“The importance of having pride in our identity is I believe the basis of making great decisions for our province, decisions that proves we care and we are aware of who we are and the values that makes us who we are,” she said.

She adds, it takes a person with a big heart not only to realize but to execute his ideas in creating an active group of youth to take pride in what they do and to practice many arts of living.

The close integration of culture to development is to champion the role of culture in shaping our collective future.

Zinnia said while sustainable development is often associated with the three pillars of development through; economic, social and environment and whilst there is an increasing recognition of the important relationship between culture and sustainability.

She said that some have termed culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development because of the role that culture has played in development.

“Our roots as a thriving trade settlement with people coming from different lands, speaking different languages and practising different beliefs go far back in the past years.

“Our multi-cultural identity and unity in the midst of diversity that has been formed through this long history is something we treasure and always celebrate,” she said.

She adds, endeavour to take great care and sensitivity in preserving our past, also, many of our historic buildings have been lovingly restored and their present-day use continues to bring new life and relevance to these places.

“The transformative power of culture also rests in how it touches people and communities, and comprises what we refer to as our way of life traditions, festivals, food and social memories, passed down from generation to generation.

“For instance our cultural institutions should always anchor key festivals and programmes that celebrate our rich and diverse multi-cultural heritage,” she said.

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