Opposition Group respects democracy: Manele


LEADER of Opposition Jeremiah Manele says his group supports the motion against Manasseh Sogavare based on democratic rights and legislative mandates the country has since independence.

Speaking in Parliament on Monday, the MP for Hograno, Katova, Kia and Havulei said the Opposition Parliamentary Group is exercising their democratic right to provide check and balance on the government.

He told parliament that the motion of no confidence is the last resort to overthrow a legislate government and that his group took the decision to support the motion for the sake of the people of Solomon Islands.

“My group has no option but to support the motion on behalf of the people who suffered inadequate health and medical services lack of employment opportunities, for the rural populace who continued to be neglected with false promises and good governance.

“For the environment that has been destroyed by logging and mining, for those who yawn for good governance, for the people of this country who have deprived from their God given resources, for the public servants whom promised to provide shelter and home are nothing but empty words,” Manele said.

He stressed that Opposition has made a serious assessment on the political situation and have decided on what is best for the nation and not themselves.

Manele said the political instability which eventuated to the successful motion of no confidence was not caused by the opposition group but the government itself as there have been serious deficiencies in the processes demonstrating the government is not performing well.

“Motion of no confident is a fundamental mechanism provided under section 27, 28 and 29 in the standing orders to pave way for check and balance in our democratic system of government so that our people can understand what is going on in the government.

“It is an integral part of the type of democracy that we adopted when this country gains its independence.

“Without such a provisions in our laws, we will never a healthy democracy but instead tyranny,” Manele explained.

He told parliament that Opposition has provided constructive advices to the government for the past three years but the government and the Prime Minister failed to take on-board the views and advises.

He said Opposition are bound by a legislative mandate in providing oversight and scrutiny to allow the motion to take place.

Manele strongly emphasised that Opposition’s decision to support the Motion is nothing personal against the caretaker Prime Minister and ministers.

On the same note he said his group has been prepared and determined to remain in the opposition ‘come what may’ until the end of the 10th Parliament.

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