Opening prayer for Kodili Festival 2018 re-set



THE opening prayer for Isabel Province Kodili Festival 2018 expected to take place on Sunday at Buala has been re-set for later to Monday in the evening around 4.30pm.

It is understood according to members of the Kodili Festival 2018 that the opening prayer was re-scheduled for today because not all invited Officials had arrived yet.

Despite the festival’s opening ceremony will take place first in the afternoon around 1pm, the opening prayer will yet take place.

As the province is looking forward to this significant celebration, Buala town is now packed with participants to celebrate through the five days Kodili Festival 2018 (25th to 29th), being the second since the first one held in 2016.

The festival includes 46 participants each from Isabel’s Wards respectively and invited dignitaries, government ministers and their delegations and organisations.

Theme for the festival this year is: “Our Living Culture, Our Future”.

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