Only 73 nurses for covid-19 allowance


THE national government had revealed that only 73 nurses are eligible to receive covid-19 allowances and not all nurses.

This was revealed by Dr Jimmie Rodgers Secretary to Prime Minister and member of the over-sight committee in a recent press conference.

Based on the over sight committee recommendation to cabinet the government could pay for only 73 nurses working at the frontline.

For 69 nurses work as frontlines on covid-19 operation tier one they will $400 and four nurses working at tier two or support operation will get $150 only when the person comes into contact with someone from outside at the boarders.

These nurses are those who have worked at the frontline including those that work at the quarantine and isolation unit at the National Referral Hospital.     

He said when government meet with Solomon Islands Nursing Association on October 4, 2020, government has clarified to SINA that it would only be paying covid-19 allowances to front-liners and not to all nurses as wanted by SINA.

The governed can’t afford to pay $250 per fortnight to all nurses in the country and $1000 per fortnight for all nurse in emergency zones.

Moreover, there about 1,200 nurses through the country.

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