Trial into the case against a police officer accused of stealing $300,000 kept as exhibit at the Police storage facilities in Rove, Honiara in 2020 is set for October 7.

Makasi Dolaiano is facing one count of stealing as a clerk and he denied the charge by pleading not guilty.

Yesterday the matter was called at Magistrate court for interim-mention where parties informed the court they had no issues at this stage.

Court suspended for July 3 for next interim-mention date, and the accused is excused from appearing in court.

Prosecution allege that the defendant stole $336,891.20 that was kept as an exhibit for a trial in the Honiara Magistrate Court in October 2020.

It was further alleged that the defendant was said to be one of the officers manning the exhibit storage facility at the time when the $300k went missing in October 2020.

The $300k belong to One Link Pacifica customers and served as evidence and exhibit in a case against the owners of the failed money scheme in 2020.

Police recovered the monies after they arrested the manager of the money investment scheme in April 2020.

The $300k was initially kept at the exhibit storage facility at the Central Police Station and then transferred to the exhibit storage facility at the Rove Police Headquarters where it went missing.

George Gray of Public Solicitor’s Office represents Dolaiano and Mrs Olivia Ratu Manu of Office of Public Prosecution act for the Crown.

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