One Link and Dora case returns today

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THE case against the owner of One Link Pacifica Charles Dora will appear again in court today for plea.  

His case was mentioned in court yesterday for plea but since the defence lawyer was on leave, the court adjourned the case to today for plea and possible bail application.

Mr Dora is facing two charges under the financial institution act 1998.

Prosecution said on July 4, 2019, One-link Pacifica was formally registered at the company Haus under the name of Mr Charles Dora as Director. There is a business certificate in file as it appears, Mr Charles Dora is a Director of OLP, registered under business name one link Pacifica Business number 20191217 issued by Company Haus. Mr Dora is the proprietor and sole trader of the OLP, he is also a manager for online mentors.

One link Pacifica scheme was described as sharing resource; however, it is a Ponzi scheme, the essence of the scheme is that investors give money towards the company, on promise there will be a higher return after 30 days of investment, the creator of the scheme then used recruiting agents (mentors) for people to come along and invest their money through them.

Prosecution alleged that Dora collected deposits from mentors by way of online deposits. Huge number of public members invested their money through his agencies, which totaled up to $56,440,475 went missing and has not been recovered since.

The monies were from people who invested their money into One link Pacifica, the company owned by the accused.

Prosecution also said that between the period of December 2019 to March 2020, investors did not receive their money as promised. Within the period, CBSI warned public members about the operation of the schemed, that one-link Director Mr Charles Dora did not apply for a licence under the FIA to engage in the business of banking in Solomon Islands.

On March 4, 2020, CBSI wrote to Charles Dora as Director of One-Link to make available to CBSI record, books or accounts relating to the business for examination within 7 working days pursuant to section 3(3) of the FIA. However, Mr Dora did not provide detail documents or failed to comply such their bank account details, receipt books and accounts books.

Later on, March 27, 2020, CBSI informed Police that One-link Pacifica seem to be operating as a banking business, and does not comply with the Financial Institution Act.

Prosecution alleged that Dora knowing his co-accused was arrested on April 4, 2020, went and hid at Russel Islands, Central Islands Province up until his arrest on June 1, 2021.