Old labour-ward to be turned into multi-ward

Lack of beds at NRH’s labour ward.
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THE old labour ward at the National Referral Hospital will be transformed into a multi ward, says Chief Executive Officer to NRH, Dr George Malefoasi.

Malefoasi confirmed this at a recent press conference on the issue of bed shortage at the NRH.

“We have the old labour space that we are going to transform into a multi ward that surgeon can use for day surgeries, that the Emergency Department can use for all patients waiting admission and we can use it for surge capacity,” he said.

Malefoasi said this is one measure they are looking at to address the bed issues at NRH.

“We are also looking at all the opportunities in the ward for the kids, we have 20 bed spaces that we could create at the gynaecology ward and we are working on 10 beds at the Postnatal waiting room,” he said.

Malefoasi stressed at the moment they will put on additional mattresses and additional sanctified beds from Australia so it will help in creating additional bed space.