NZ High Commissioner Opens East Malaita ECE Centres

New Zealand’s High Commissioner to the Solomon Islands has reiterated New Zealand’s strong support for education, at the opening of two new Early Childhood Education Centres in East Malaita.

H.E Don Higgins travelled with Malaita Premier Peter Ramohia, officials from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development and World Vision to meet community members at Fuou and Maku.

“The earlier children begin to learn, the better. Not only for formal education, but for socialising, sharing and being with each other. New Zealand is very proud to be here in partnership with Solomon Island Government and World Vision to establish these early childhood centres, to train the teachers and to teach the children in Malaita and the Solomon Islands,” said the High Commissioner.

The two new centres are among 17 that have been built in East Malaita as part of a World Vision project funded by the New Zealand Government and World Vision New Zealand.

Malaita Premier Peter Ramohia said the centres would have the important role of preparing students for the start of primary school

“We must put education as high priority because our future is in education. We must engage our children so they can empower our communities to have a good standard of living,” said the Premier.

Fouo Chief Allen Ketai echoed the same sentiments, saying the new centres would improve access to education for his community and help children prepare for their future.

World Vision Acting Country Director Maria Adelaida Alberto says now that the centres are complete, the communities would now take full ownership of the centres and look after its operations.

“This is your education centre, your community and your children. This is for your children’s future that you are preparing for.”

As part of the project, 47 teachers have been trained and up to 648 students have benefitted from the new centres in East Malaita.

In Maku, where three people were killed in a recent boat accident, the delegation expressed their condolence to the community.

Source: World Vision Press

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