NZ charity trust, ‘Take my hands collecting prosthetic and orthotic equipment to support the needy in Asia Pacific countries

Dear Editor,
TAKE My Hands Charity Trust, based in Auckland, New Zealand, has just sent out a Newsletter in which there is comment on the work TMH is doing in close relationship with the organization NZALS.  Here is the passage (quote)
“The good work our partners and donors are doing is being noticed far and wide, and as such we are establishing strong relationships with those who can make a real impact. It is exciting for us to watch these relationships grow.  It is worth mentioning that we are pleased to have a great relationship with NZALS for prosthetics which enables us to continue collect prosthetic and orthotic equipment from all over the country from them for redistribution to those we support in the Asia Pacific. This keeps us true to the roots in which we started TMH.”
I am hopeful that my recent personal appeal to the Government of the Republic of China (on Taiwan) to help rebuild the derelict NRH Rehabilitation Workshop and re-stock it with appropriate tools and equipment will find favour to facilitate both TMH and NZALS, in partnership, being able to then custom fit prosthetic limbs to the more than 400 former patients who became amputees following surgery after succumbing to diabetic related diseases.
Yours sincerely
Frank Short

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