Number of active covid-19 cases drops to 8


OF the 17 positive Coronavirus (Covid-19) registered cases in the country announced last week Monday, ‘8’ remain positive while ‘9’ are now negative.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in his Covid-19 ‘nationwide address’ yesterday was pleased to announce that there are no additional cases recorded since his last address, and the next tests for all the previously positive cases are being done yesterday and today.

For those tests, the Prime Minister said he will be able to update the nation on their results in his address next week.

“Fellow citizens, as you are aware, from my nation-wide address last week, we have diagnosed a total of 17 cases in the country. I am pleased to inform you all that there were no additional cases recorded since my last address. All those that came in from Kiribati and Fiji were negative in the first tests, and they should be ready for release on 3rd December if their second tests are also negative,” said Sogavare.

“I am also incredibly pleased to inform you all that as of yesterday [Sunday], we have a total of 8 positives.  This means that of the 17 cases we diagnosed, 9 are now negative.

“The next tests for all the previously positive cases are being done today [yesterday] and tomorrow [today]. I will be able to update you on these results in my address next week.”

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare updated that the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) has conducted a total of 4,731 tests to date.

“Our test results are of exceedingly high standard. Samples sent to our Reference Laboratories in Australia have met their quality assurance standards,” said Sogavare.

To note, Mr Sogavare said this year 2020 has been particularly challenging for Solomon Islands, and may go down as one of the most unprecedented times in the nation’s history.

“Fellow citizens, while we may have lost our COVID-19-free status, we have risen to the challenge. Our preparedness had been tested, and we have withstood the test. We have contained the COVID-19 virus within our quarantine stations. Our front-line officers are committed to eliminate COVID-19 from our shores. 

“By God’s grace, the pandemic has allowed us to think beyond our normal processes. We had to think outside the box. Our unity as a nation has strengthened. We are united by the one common challenge – to stand up together to fight COVID-19. For that, I continue to thank you all, for your continued vigilance, and your continued prayers and support to our collective fight against COVID-19,” said Sogavare.

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