NRH patients to celebrate country’s 40th anniversary  



A special segment for this year’s anniversary celebrations has been set for patients at the national referral hospital to be able to celebrate along with the country.

The organising committee has come up with the initiative to do away with the past experience of patients at the NRH not being able to celebrate with the rest of the country.

July 6 has been set for the anniversary celebration, however, on July 5 patients at the NRH will be treated to entertainment by 10 string bands representing the nine provinces and Honiara

The Independence committee has set aside a half day celebration for them on July 5—6.

The Committee said executive of the NRH are excited about such programme taken down to sick people who always miss out from the country’s national event.

“Every year we celebrate Independence Day, we forget sick patients and people work at the hospital that provides services for sick people,” the committee said.

“So this year committee thinks its right time to include sick people in the celebration despite their illnesses.”

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