The National Referral Hospital (NRH) in Honiara
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……Claims of Drs, Nurses boozy night in Emergency Department


SOME nurses and guardians are calling on the National Referral Hospital administration to investigate an alleged drinking party inside the Accident Emergency (A&E) staff room last Friday.

The loud noise that came out from the senior nursing room had irked patients & their guardians on the night.

A guardian who wants to remain anonymous witnessed the unusual activity, and alleged a number of doctors and nurses got together in a senior nurses’ office where they spent the night drinking alcohol causing disturbance to patients in the ward.

“They were loud and noisy and a lot of patients and their guardians were very annoyed and irritated by the behaviour of these nurses,” said the guardian.

“The unprofessional behavior displayed by these docs and nurses is unethical and needs to be promptly investigated by hospital authorities.”

“As health professionals and public servants, they have a duty to uphold their medical and nursing ethics as well as their public service code of conduct,” guardian said.

The guardian said there are some patients who are critically ill and deserved respect and care in a place where highest possible quality of care is expected to be observed.

Furthermore, a nurse on shift on the night confirmed hearing the loud noise as well.

“I worked that time.

“Why should this activity happen during working hours and in the place of patients,” the nurse asked.

NRH Chief Executive Officer, Dr George Wilson Malefoasi said he is not aware.

“I have to find out what exactly happened,” he said.