NPF shows green light to develop Auki Plaza



The current status of Auki Plaza after the tenants occupying it vacated the facility early this last month

SOLOMON Islands National Provident Fund (NPF) has reaffirmed its interest to develop Auki plaza.

This follows fruitful roundtable discussions recently held between Malaita provincial government (MPG) and the NPF.

Provincial Secretary, Mr Jackson Gege said after the tenants vacated the building, a MPG delegation met with NPF.

He said the delegation was led by Deputy Premier Alick Maeaba, Malaita’s finance minister Joe Hero’au and himself (Gege).

Gege said they met with the NPF General Manager and Investment Manager and “asked if they are still interested on the development of Auki Plaza”.

He said the NPF bosses conveyed that their interest still stands.

“So last week NPF should have their Investment Board Meeting that looks at transfer of money to purchase the building.

“I called Mike Wate and he said they should meet last to decide the payment.

“I also checked with the chairman of NPF Board and said they already approved the purchase of the building long ago.

“So it’s already approved, however it just a matter for NPF to deal with the payment that still to come,” Gege said.

He said the province is waiting for the final resolution from the NPF Investment Board, which would advise the province over the agreement payment.

“We’ll continue to follow-up on the issue with NPF and let the people of Malaita aware of it.

“But the current status of Auki Plaza payment is in green-light as NPF is now working on the payment,” Gege said.

Island Sun had previously reported that the Malaita province has been facing problems with the tenants for three years.

However, that has recently been solved after the tenants came to a common understanding with the province and left.

The departure of the Tenants came after a court order was issued and expired on March 29, 2018, and was carried out by the provincial secretary Gege and the Malaita provincial security officers.

The tenants left the Auki Plaza building after the recent Easter celebration where all gates were locked preventing any member of public from entering the area giving time for any development plans to be carried out towards the site and the building, Island Sun previous reported.

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