NPF made right choice to invest in Heritage Park Hotel


A concerned citizen is opposing comments made by Mr Charles Dausabea in an article published by one of the local papers regarding NPF’s investment in Heritage Park Hotel.

Mr George Notoibae of Malaita province explains that Dausabea had referred to NPF’s board decision to invest in Heritage Park Hotel as “wrong” and “not profitable”.

He, however begs to differ, voicing that any investment in tourism, especially that of accommodation businesses like Heritage Park Hotel is profitable hence, from his point of view, NPF did not make a wrong decision when it chose to invest its members money there.

“When NPF invests in a hotel, it is good investment because members will benefit from it and they are investing in a property. This kind of business always makes good return or income for its investment,” said Notoibae.

Having worked in various departments for a number of hotels in the capital for more than 25 years, he said “It’s not just about accommodation, it’s about understanding how to provide good services.”

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