North Vella women to undergo financial training


NEARLY a thousand women from the North Vella la Vella constituency are set to undergo financial training.

Virginia Pilua, coordinator of Jorio, Jawa and Dovele women’s Association (JJWDA), said 900-plus women from Jorio, Jawa and Dovele, North Vella La Vella Constituency will by the end of this month sit for the training.

She said this training would help rural women of the constituency to acquire knowledge on banking; its importance and processes.

Mrs Pilua said the training will prepare the women for the proposed bank agents which will be established throughout the constituency soon.

This plan would also remove the cost of having to travel to Gizo, the Western province capital, to do banking.

She said financial training is the heart of effective, finance management, generating, reporting and as well as to enable the JJDWA association to run effectively in terms of business perception.

“Women from North Vella La Vella are now looking forward for this financial education training, to help them recognise the importance of regular savings and expenditures, showing them how to calculate costs, profit and cash flow plans.”

She adds that the training is not only for women alone but interested men and youths in the community are also welcome.

It will be facilitated by the Gizo Bank South Pacific (BSP).

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